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(I was originally going to name this whole blog GeePawHill’s Public Education instead of Situated Geekery, because I’ve been getting my education in public pretty much my whole life. It has been my great fortune to have embarrassed myself in front of so many publics, so many times, and in so many ways, the angels themselves have lost count.  Here we go again.)


I didn’t post for two weeks because my hardware failed and made it impossible for me to finish the cool post I was working on.  Except, not really. The real  reason I didn’t post anything is because I let best later beat better now, which is always a mistake.

Letting best beat better means not doing something good right now because you want to do it best real soon now.

It’s a foul demon-trick.   And it’s sneaky because that demon makes it seem like reasonable behavior.  If it’s only going to take one more day, why not forget about doing a good thing today and put your real energy into your great thing instead?  Ooooh, so tempting.

Anyway, that’s enough about my personal problems, let’s talk about something else.

Your Turn

I see teams letting best later beat better now all the time.  I even see coaches doing it sometimes.  Examples?

  • We fail to implement today’s story because we haven’t solved tomorrow’s story yet.  There’s a general solution, see, so it would be a waste of time to implement the partial solution.
  • We don’t fix that one bad name because we should fix all the bad names at one time.  If we’re going to implement a standard, let’s really do it, but if not, forget it.
  • We can’t check that file in because even though its all green, this afternoon we’re naturally going to be adding some tests that it won’t pass. No sense checking in twice.
  • We won’t waste time testing the three stupid cases, because we know that the fourth case is hard and will imply the other three anyway.  That would be inefficient.

Ring any bells?

Don’t let best, tomorrow, beat better, today.

P.S.  Do as GeePaw says, not as GeePaw does.

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