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Well, I told you kids before I was ready for some action.  In this DoubleDawg video, we roll our first couple of tests.  They’re not thorough tests, they’re just a couple of quick tests that will serve as evidence we haven’t ruined the system in our first few refactorings.

There are at least three lessons in here:

  1. Know your tools.
  2. Write new-to-you tests by starting with an assert.
  3. It’s possible in many situations to get away with no code-study and empty arguments.
The After Code for Step 1 (1559)

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Our code after this video (1183)

2 Responses to “DoubleDawg2: A Few Smoke Tests”

  1. […] not be to extract the do_replacement helper method. I noticed GeePawHill do that too during his Double Dawg Dare refactoring videos; so it’s common, and a couple of years ago I was doing it all the time. But recently […]

  2. Jeff Grigg says:

    One of the down sides of long class names:

    I just noticed that our
    AnnotationConfigurationValidationBuilderTest class tests the
    AnnotationValidationConfigurationBuilder class.

    I think I’ll rename the test class to be

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