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I just got my hardware back yesterday, and GeePaw’s love for his flock required him to immediately advance the DoubleDawgDare series.

It’s a short one today, but that’s okay, I’m already working on DoubleDawg 4.

The After Code for Step 2 (1138)

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The After Code for Step 3 (1248)

2 Responses to “DoubleDawg 3: Follow The Data”

  1. Useful advice!

    Isn’t it annoying when null is returned rather than an empty array? “if(whathever == null)” is probably my least favorite code to find around. Especiall if whatever is a collection (or array).
    It would also feel safer with immutable collections I think but you can’t have it all can you :)

    Keep it up and be careful with the hardware :)

  2. sam says:

    Should you not have a test in place that ensures that the processAnnotations method does not return null? After all someone could refactor it to return null, and now the changes you made would break. With a test at least they would know that it was not supposed to return null…

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