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Me, Soon.

So, as it happens, I’m taking a day off today. I woke to a very sore throat, tho I have to say the Tylenol fixed that right up. What it didn’t fix up is that I feel exhausted. It’s as if I spent yesterday running a marathon. Those of you who know me know how likely that would be.

But, I swore on my honor that I was going to blog *something* every day this week.

So, what to do?

I will keep this short and sweet: A coach must constantly model sustainable pace, and help situate those teammates that are violating it. Here I’m not talking about hours worked. Different cultures have different expectations on that matter.

I’m talking about being sick.

If you’re sick, tell the team and go home, or call the team and tell them you’re staying home. That’s the modeling part.

If a teammate is sick, ask her to do the same.

2 Responses to “Modeling Sustainable Pace”

  1. Jeff Grigg says:


    “Your teammates want you to get well quickly, so please stay home and recover.” (And they don’t want to catch what you have, either!!! 😉

    • GeePawHill says:

      There’s hardly a workplace in America that doesn’t have hand-washing instructions on every available surface in the restrooms, but those same companies routinely expect people who are ill, not theoretically catch-it-by-touching-your-privates ill, but actual not-well-ill, to come into work.

      Then ask me why I’m so hard on management. :)

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