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Does Code Want?

I find myself poking and prodding geeks from time to time. I say something like: “maybe the code doesn’t want to be structured like that,” or “this code wants to be something else.”

This is not some faux-eastern wisdom stirred into my usually rather more earthy mix of insight and obscenity.

What I’m getting at when I say “the code wants” is that there may be another form of the solution available than the one my respondent is using.

It is ridiculously easy to bind yourself to an approach before you’ve discovered that it’s right. Code written like this has a kind of forced-fit ugliness to it.

Finding yourself with:

  • Lots of little if-statements?
  • 5 or more passed-in parameters?
  • commented ‘paragraphs’ of code?

All these things, and many others, besides, are the code’s way of wanting to be different.

Don’t Let Your Planned Solution

Block Your Discovered Solution

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