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When Harvard Business School conducted its massive diary-collating research, the somewhat startling conclusion was that workers like it when their work is part of a progress.

“Part of a progression” has another name: profluence. In literary circles, it means the stuff that flows forward in a literary work.

Flowing Forward

I don’t know what the last great novel-you-read is. I trust you had one. (If you don’t have one, stop reading blogs and geek-books and go find a great work of fiction.)

Do you remember the sense of excitement that came with it? The anticipation? The intense need to know what came next?

Profluence. Forward flowing.

Microtests Advance Development

Here, the case is subtle. After all, most everything a developer does is meant to advance development, hence the name.

But development here means progress.

When a geek runs a red-green-refactor-integrate cycle, things move forward. That movement, profluence, is a significant motivator for humans. I spoze if traditional processes are working for someone, they already supply it, but in weeks or months.

The TDD discipline creates profluence every single day, several times a day, for any number of days in a row.

A Part of TDD’s Magic: Building Profluence

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