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Michael Hill
994 Shannon Farm Lane :: Afton, VA 22920 :: (434) 981-8653

Ok, so look. I have been studying all these marketing sites, and they have convinced me beyond any doubt:  I suck at marketing. So let me just tell you what I don’t suck at, and then you can tell whether we need to be talking.

I can program very well. Oddly enough, I still am interested in projects where I get to “just code”.  These make wonderful breaks in the business of teaching and coaching.

I can coach teams in the use of agile methods, especially in any aspect of Extreme Programming. I am one of a very small handful of people who have been coaching agile non-stop for over ten years.

I also teach formal classes. Pretty much everything I teach is in some way discussed or mentioned on this site, but here are a few of the topics:

Finally, I write and speak on the above topics quite frequently.  I have been a presenter at JAOO, the Agile series, Software Development East, and the XP series.

That’s what I do, and I do it pretty well, so there are of course references on request.

You may wonder if I charge a gazillion dollars for my skills as a consultant.  The answer is that classic of the consulting business:  it depends.

I offer many different working packages, from long-distance mentoring to onsite coaching.  I do offer a sliding scale, based on how much work, of what kind, and how interesting.  Every so often, I even work pro bono.

Think there’s a potential match?  Call or write:  434-981-8653, Mike.Hill@AnarchyCreek.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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