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Well, alrighty then.  I received a reasonably good handful of suggestions for the DoubleDawgDare project, and I’ve chosen one.  It’s from OpenSymphony XWork, and you’ll find the starting code, all zipped up in the first link down below.

Making this first little video tensed me up bigtime.  More on this later, but for now:  enjoy the first modest vid!

DDD-0-Before-ModestBeginning (1547)

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DDD-0-After-ModestBeginning (1381)

4 Responses to “DoubleDawg 0: A Modest Beginning”

  1. Haven’t worked through what you’ve done here yet, but I appreciated the careful pace, especially the way you slowed right down at the start and got your tools sorted. One can do too much of that of course (gotta tidy the house, do the dishes before I can work!). All gelled when at the end you said “Everything counts when you’re a pro. Every step you take is a step towards the goal, and you’re happy to take it.”

  2. John Goodsen says:

    I’m looking forward to following your work on here. Thanks!

  3. Irwan Syahrir says:

    This series is good! Hope to see more!
    Thanks GeePaw.

  4. Peri says:

    Is this continued? I cannot find it.

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